Conflict Management Consultancy

The three steps to our approach are as follows :


The first step is the 'Conflict Audit' carried out by Business Conflict Solutions, which has three key dimensions :

  • Organisational Conflict
    • Does the purpose of the business (possibly expressed in vision, mission, goals etc.) harmonise with the processes, systems and structures that the business uses ?
    • Are the communications and behaviours in the business (the 'culture', possibly expressed in a 'values' statement) coherent, or are they in conflict with each other and/or the purpose ?
  • Team/Department Conflicts
    • Are there barriers to teamworking, synergies and mutual support within and between teams in the business ?
    • Is there harmony with the organisational purpose and culture ?
  • Individual conflicts
    • Are the key people operating in harmony with their own and others role in assuring business success ?
Step 2

The 'Conflict Map' serves to illustrate connections and interdependencies between the conflicts identified in the Audit.  For example, conflicting messages from senior management about the key purpose of the business may give rise to departments pursuing their own Agendas, causing inter-Departmental conflicts. This Map helps to identify 'root causes' for conflicts and helps prioritise how conflicts should be addressed.

Step 3

The Conflict Resolution step aims to replace conflict with harmony , or at least minimise its effects on the individuals, teams and organisation. There may be a combination of 'people' and 'structural' issues -
  • 'people' issues may be addressed by a combination of formal structured mediations, team discussions and individual coaching
  • 'structural' issues may require changes in the way the Business is led and organised, and how communication is achieved effectively

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